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Black tea, classic rock, and maybe some art?

Black tea, classic rock, and maybe some art?

Hey you! Yes you! You're awesome! Now go play some music!

Death Note + textposts (4/?)

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…did i just witness a three-way crossover


yes i did

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We actually have pictures that great of Mars, a planet about 225 million kilometers (140 million miles) away from us.
Image copyright: NASA

Arturo Hernandez on Michael Jackson and scientific investigations into the roots of creativity (via oupacademic)

(via oupacademic)

Unlike his siblings and father, Jackson did not really play any instruments. However, he would compose songs in his head using his voice. One morning he came in and had written a song which eventually became ‘Beat It’. In the studio, he would sing each of the different parts including the various instruments. Then the producers and artists in the studio would work on putting the song together, following his arrangements.

Dinosaur Footprints in Terms of Things I Would Fight


I could fuck this up:image

I would not fuck with:


Nothing would fuck with:


Perhaps only an asteroid would fuck with:



Today is the anniversary of the fateful eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79.

Here are engravings of lava rocks and curious stones picked up on Mount Vesuvius in the 18th Century. 

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